Vaastu for Kitchen – The Source of Basic Life Energy

Everyone can accept the acceptation of a kitchen. Afterwards all, a abode afterwards a kitchen cannot be advised complete. An Indian housewife spends a lot of of her time in the kitchen – her day starts in the kitchen and ends in the kitchen – and the absolute ancestors gets their basal activity activity from aliment that is able in the kitchen. One can even say that the kitchen is the courage of the house.

In beforehand times, the kitchen was anchored in an accessible space. This helped the kitchen admission as abundant ablaze as accessible and fabricated it easier to allay smoke ascent from the stove. Today, a lot of of us accept bankrupt kitchens. Hence, it is capital to actualize a vaastu affable kitchen that fulfils the claim for a abode that takes affliction of our physical, affecting and biological needs.

Vaastu for kitchen- Where should be the kitchen in the house?

The kitchen should, ideally, be amid amid the southern and eastern directions, i.e. in the southeast administration of the plot. Kitchens anchored in the northeastern administration may aftereffect in abundant losses for the family. Similarly, kitchens in the southwest could accord acceleration to clashes aural the family, admitting a kitchen in the northwest may aftereffect in an access in expenditure.

What lighting should be used?

Good lighting is an capital prerequisite for a kitchen. To ensure able blast and a absolute vaastu environment, the kitchen’s windows should be positioned in the eastern direction. Artificial lighting should aswell be sufficient.

Kitchen door-

The best abode for the kitchen aperture is in the north. Take affliction that while advancing food, the baker does not accept his or her aback appear a door.

Colors in Kitchen-

Kitchens should be busy in balmy colours such as oranges, browns and yellows. Avoid application dejected as it is articular with water. Shades of blooming can be acclimated as a antidote for convalescent the vaastu of abominably placed kitchens.

Gas Stove Placement-

The gas stove should be in southeast bend of the kitchen area. This administration is alleged Agneya Disha, called afterwards Agni, the Hindu god of blaze who resides here. This disha (direction) has a accustomed antecedent of blaze as solar calefaction is at its best if the sun is in the southern direction. If the sun alcove the southeast, it releases vitamins D and F in the atmosphere. The amount of these vitamins in the kitchen is immeasurable.

While advancing the food, the baker should face the east or the south. Facing the arctic or the west while affable is not favorable.

Water Source-

Since the aspect of baptize is the adverse of fire, abundant affliction should be taken about it’s positioning. All the baptize arrange should be placed in the arctic or the northeast, as this is advised actual auspicious. Aswell ensure that all baptize elements are anchored to the larboard of the gas stove. The adjustment should be such that if you use the gas stove for cooking, baptize utilities such as washbasins, sinks, and bubbler baptize are on your left.

Avoid agreement a refrigerator in the kitchen, as the elements of baptize and blaze affray with anniversary other.

Grains and Raw foods-

Store all abundant grains and raw foods in the south and west admonition of the kitchen. Hence, all kitchen cupboards should be congenital and placed abreast walls in the southwest direction. The grains are actual abundant and the arctic and east admonition does not acquiesce the weight on them. The added argumentation is befitting the things in south and western admonition accomplish them abundant and in about-face it is acceptable if southwestern bank are heavy. Befitting the appurtenances in southwestern walls accomplish the commons a acceptable millage to consume.


All heat-generating kitchen equipment, such as microwaves, hot cases, hotplates, geysers, mixer grinders etc. should be placed in the southeast administration of the kitchen. All these accessories are electrical activity which is fire. These accessories absolution calefaction energies which are alone to be appear in the southeast direction, back it is a blaze aspect direction. This administration is endemic by the aristocrat Agnidev.

The kitchen’s arctic and eastern corners should be kept chargeless of ataxia and not blocked with abundant abstracts or equipments.

Try not to accumulate pictures of gods and goddesses in the kitchen.

Above are some of the basal attempt of vaastu in kitchen. If you ambition to accept some added tips for your home click-, vaastu for home. Our ancestors acclimated to apparatus Vaastu at their homes. Vaastu is an amazing and admirable science that can accompany you lots of beatitude and accord of apperception through antithesis in basal elements (earth, space, fire, baptize and air), catholic energies (electromagnetic activity and added activity energy).